Favara, Italy


The entire project is designed as a body within the landscape, almost not wanting to disturb the design and the existing soil; the geometry of the site and the presence of the alpine hut, have been the guidance for the design and its placement within the park. The new building is designed as a towering body with the intention to be a clear reference to an Alpine peak, it is integrated in the pronounced difference in height within the park, exploiting the altitude jump. This height difference allows us to get the entrance of the library at the foot of the hill and the roof of the building at the level of the upper portion of this relief. The proj- ect is therefore an "Alpine summit" within the parkThe project starts from the idea of the happiness spirit, the brotherhood between peoples and the union of every race and every color, all together like the pastel colors of the rainbow that uniting creates a moment of joy for those who sees it and for those who use them to draw. In this way they become a symbol of joy, elegance and modernity all together. The module can be put in every position and in every place and with it’s dimensions can be used as a single seat, in group or even to lie down. the material used is trasparent plastic, so that it’s design can help the enviromental sustainability using recycled plastic materials.