Chicago, USA


Our idea starts from the primordial purpose of a house, a shelter that can protect from the outside world. This is mainly what our project wants to communicate. “The tiny homes” are concieved as a group of five small houses that are gathered around a central space which becomes a real covered square, area of meetings where phisical activity and social interaction is encour- aged. The large square is the heart of the structure allowing a continuous circulation for all the houses. Ten housing units form five small two level buildings containing the appartments which are furnished completely in wood on the outside and only par- tially on the inside, creating natural warm and character in every space. All the rooms have a view on the square and the whole building starting form the central core opens more and more towards the city forming around him green spaces as connections with other buildings. Each appartment is connected through the emergency staircase, placed in every building, with the large terrace on the roof, this to reinforce the idea of the family and living together.